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When I applied it seemed like it was more of a registration then a application as they only took the most basic personal information.. no transcript, resume, cover letter, questionnaires.. Hi, do you know anything about the actual application stage? If you attend the employment evening at Sydney convention centre (Sydney), I think it's a great way to meet the employers and the HR.

Anyways, I can tell you that I ALWAYS leave on time at pm, max - unless i REALLY REALLY have to finish the work.

(u dont want to look desperate when you leave on the dot 5;15, sometimes I do because i got soccer training). audit = deadlines, hence, if u don't finish the work then you end up staying back late doing it.

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Well my friend who started GT said they took only 11 grads (Sydney office) includin herself and not the "usual 25" due to GFC.

however, this is a good year since GFC is over and she said the HR planning to recruit more than the previous year.

(assuming so due to this) MS closes on the 23rd (Melbourne anyway) HR and the likes are currently doing the rounds at careers fairs, and this year there isnt an assessment centre so its the just the online assessment then if u get through final interview.

I can tell you our mid tier culture is different to big 4.

There are pros and cons for both the Big 4 and mid tiers which you probably already know.