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But it won't stay this way for long because, as the saying goes, there's a fine line between love and hate… Ladybug is adamant she doesn't want another partner buzzing around and why the hell is this newbee flirting with her?

In the process, they find themselves falling even harder for each other—but when they fight together, both feel compelled to pretend that they don't know the truth.

Marinette is fake dating Chat Noir who is actually Adrien who is fake dating Ladybug who is actually Marinette.

Adrien has finally moved on from all of the pain and questions that she left him with.

Or so he thought, until he comes across a spotted stranger slinking through Paris in the night.


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    It's a pleasure to read your columns, and I value your thoughts highly. I generally relate well to women a bit older than me, and things have generally gone well in this regard.

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    The uniform policy of the NHS trust permits exemptions for religious clothing.

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    You can create private chat rooms and invite people you choose, and what happens in Chat Ville stays in Chat Ville, so to speak.