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Thus, brown rice is richer in fat, protein, gamma oryzanol, vitamin A, vitamin Bi, and vitamin B in comparison to white rice.BACKGROUND ART The structure of a grain of brown rice includes: rice bran layers, such as a seed vessel, a testa, and an aleurone layer; an embryo bud occupying a small part of the core of a rice grain; and an albumen layer occupying most of the remaining part of the rice grain.Most of the albumen layer is filled with starch particles.

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Thus, the technologies fail to provide easy-to-cook rice, which has excellent taste, texture, and color and...

The albumen layer is the part of a rice grain which is eaten individually as white rice.

In comparison to white rice, brown rice is more preservable, is less likely to be damaged by harmful insects or microorganisms, and loses little nutrition during processing.

The method of claim 1 , wherein the rate of rice injection into the rice polishing chamber is decreased from 60 kilograms per minute to 30 kilograms per minute in correspondence to the decrease of the revolving speed of the rice polishing chamber.

A METHOD FOR POLISHING A RICE AND POLISHED RICE BY IT TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention is related to a method of polishing brown rice at low speed and under constant pressure, such that the rice polished by using the method retains embryo buds rich in nutrients and has the same whiteness as general white rice, and rice polished by using the method, and more particularly, to a method of polishing brown rice at low speed and under constant pressure under predetermined polishing conditions to polish the brown rice, such that rice polished by using the method has improved delicacy and stickiness for better taste when cooked as compared to conventional brown rice or conventional rice having embryo buds and is more nutritious than white rice, and rice polished by using the method.


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