About dating russian women

These differences arise from the ways they are brought up in their contrasting societies.While American girls share more feministic views on a relationship between a man and a woman, Russian girls are more used to a patriarchal social system of their country. Dating a Russian Girl For about a century American women have been affected by feminism.

As a result it became almost impossible to court an American woman in a traditional way.

This means that if a man is taking a girl out on a date anywhere she prefers to go, the man may get in trouble for pay for her entertainment or meal.

An American girl is not afraid to show her power, and often puts herself in the first place when she plans her life and career. A girl will often need her man’s advice or ask for his opinion about anything.

In Russian culture, the woman’s independence from the man is not something that should be actively demonstrated during the date. Also a sense of fashion is required, meaning that coming to the first date in tennis shoes, jeans and sportswear, may leave a bad impression.

If the man cusses and uses foul language, he should not expect the date to last long. Marrying a Russian Girl Many American women want to make an impression that they are absolutely independent.


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