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communicate with our parents, teachers, and other adult guides.They do not have the awareness to understand our telepathy or everseeing (the ability to look into the eyes of another person and see their true meaning) so the only way to interact is to start speaking or paying attention.After a child is born their environment determines their vibrational level.

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We forget to look inside and speak with our minds and our real meanings are lost on clumsy verbal languages.

But even crystals have their ups and downs and few of them have fully reached their uppermost energy level.

People are their purest at birth - everything after that is downhill in most cases!

They usually stay about the same colour by using automatic shields to disconnect them from the world.

These include not speaking or communicating, going into trances, developing ADD/ADHD, or merely showing signs of psychic gifts that allow them to remember the higher vibrations.


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