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- Gail Borden received patent for "Improvement in Concentration of Milk"; condensed milk; could be kept pure (not spoil) and storable without benefit of refrigeration, distributed over great distances; - Count Agoston Haraszthy (45), first Sheriff of San Diego County, founder of a city in Wisconsin (Sauk City), ferryboat owner and member of the Hungarian Royal Guard, founded Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma, CA; planted some of the state's first European varietals (Tokay, Zinfandel, and Shiras grape varieties); - Frank Bartholomew, former head of AP, acquired 500 acres of Sonoma land without knowing an abandoned winery came with the property; with help of Andre Tchelistcheff, considered America's most influential post-Prohibition winemaker, restored Buena Vista's vineyards, caves and winery to its original grandeur; - Ezra J. Louis wine merchant, contracted with Anheuser-Busch to brew "Budweiser" with imported (Saazer) hops and (Bohemian) barley, mash prepared by infusion (Budweis is name of small Bohemian city; introduced because of its Germanic sound, potential appeal to American and German migrants); - John Arbuckle, of Allegheny City, PA, received a patent for an "Improvement in Roasted Coffee" ("roasting coffee and then coating it with a glutinous or gelatinous matter, for the purpose of retaining the aroma of the coffee, and also act as a clarifying-agent when the ground coffee has been boiled in water"); process of glazing coffee to seal in freshness of coffee bean; - Henry E.

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Accountancy Advertising Agribusiness Agricultural Machinery Aircraft Airlines Arts Automotive Banking Beverages Biotechnology Broadcasting Business Services Chemicals Computers Conglomerates Construction Consumer (non-cyclical) Containers (see Paper & Packaging) Defense Drugs Electronics Engineering Entertainment Family Business Fashion & Beauty Financial Services Food Food Service Footwear Forest Products Gaming Gas Healthcare High Technology Home Furnishings Hospitality Household Appliances Industrial Equipment Information Technology Insurance Internet Jewelry Law Leisure Machine Tools Manufacturing Media Metals Mining Nonprofit Office Equipment Oil Oil Service Paper & Packaging Publishing Railroads Real Estate Regions Retail Rubber Savings & Loans Securities Shipbuilding Shipping Sports Steel and Iron Telecommunications Textiles Tobacco Tourism Toys Transport Utilities Waste Disposal Weapons Whaling Blacks in Business Kids & Business Women in Business Scandal & Fraud - Monks in Hoegaarden (province of Flemish Brabant in Belgium, part of Netherlands at the time) first brewed wheat beer (used coriander, Curacao orange peel); became known as Belgian-style wheat beer; - Pierre Celis (had worked at the Tomsin wheat beer brewery), town milkman, revived brand; began one Brewing Copper in the dairy where he worked; named brewery ‘De Kluis’, (‘The Cloister’) in acknowledgement of first brewery established by monks; - King James I granted Sir Thomas Phillips royal licence to distil˜uisce beatha (gaelic for 'water of life', or whiskey), in 'the territory of the Rowte' in Co.

Antrim (first official recorded evidence of whiskey-making in area that became Bushmills); - Governor of the Cape, Simon van der Stel, granted land, fifteen kilometers south of Stellenbosch, to Henning Hsing; named the farm Meerlust to describe sense of pleasure he obtained from sea breezes that blew inland from False Bay; - Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands bestowed title "Royal", company name changed from Johannes de Kuyper & Zoon to De Kuyper Royal Distillers; world's largest and leading producer of liqueur; 11th generation of family management.

- German immigrant August Schell, Jacob Bernhardt, former brewmaster at Benzberg Brewery (in St.

Paul, MN) established Minnesota Brewing Company in New Ulm, MN next to spring in Cottonwood River Valley; - Jerry P.

- Pierre Pellier left France for Santa Clara Valley with grape cuttings ("Black Burgundy" - Pinot Noir, French Colombar, Chasselas, Fontainebleau, Pinot Noir, Madeline, others) and prune cuttings from orchards of Agen; - acquired 148.8 acre ranch in Evergreen, CA (part of the Chaboya land Grant) from Louis for $1,000; planted grape cuttings; introduced Pinot Noir; Louis Pellier grafted French prune cuttings onto rootstock of wild plums, produced Santa Clara Valley prunes (offshoot of La Petite d'Agen, native of Southwest France); founded the valley’s wine industry; - BRL Hardy Ltd.