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There are many things that viewers find questionable about Oxygen’s “Preachers Of LA”.

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Here's why Bishop Noels Jones won't marry Loretta, as observed in Season Two: In the episode, ""Truth Be Told," Bishop Jones and Loretta are invited to dinner with Ron Gibson and Lady Lavette.

As they talk about whether or not Ron Gibson will be a part of the crusade, Bishop Jones tells Loretta, "Ron's got a problem with YOU." Loretta responds, "Yeah, I think Ron and Lavette have a problem with both of US." He goes on to say that nobody has a problem with him and her response is,.

Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta have been in a 16 year , are business partners and to be very honest, she "acts" as his wife...almost "First Lady" but doesn't have the ring or the title.

On Season One of Preacher's of LA, there were several "masked" reasons, why Bishop Noel Jones wouldn't marry Loretta but in Season Two, those reasons seems to slap you in the face and for the love of God, I don't understand why a woman, as beautiful as Loretta, would SETTLE for being a girlfriend for 16 years but play the role of a wife.

Loretta says that Bishop Jones "hates conflict and confrontation and I usually handle that for him." REALLY, He is a grown as man, who has you fighting his battles but he won't fight for YOU?