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It requested that the cake be provided for free and that employees receiving training on the matter.

Wegmans Senior Vice President and General Counsel Stephen Van Arsdale replied promptly to the letter, advising that the order should have been fulfilled.

While FFRF says that it is pleased with the outcome of the situation, others believe that Wegmans should be free to decline messages that it does not wish to write, just as Christians prefer to not engage in forms of personal participation at celebrations that violate their convictions.

” When FFRF phoned the location to confirm the order’s status, the representative was told by a bakery associate that the request could not be accommodated as the text could potentially be offensive.

It was later reiterated by the store that Wegmans declined the order because it did not want to take a side “one way or the other.” The supervisor stated that the store has “a lot of employees who are Muslim,” and that “employees may not know what this stands for.” In turn, FFRF submitted a letter to the corporate office of Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.