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Close to Exeter, it is a picturesque coastal village that built up around a smugglers cove and the caves that allowed storage of the contraband goods. Historically, fishing, smuggling, and lace production was said to be the main form of income to the town. The geology of the coast line allowed the seafarers of Beer to operate in weather conditions when other towns could not.

There are a lot of watersports in the area with surfing on the main beach and along the coast.

For more details about the attractions click on to our Beer is one of those picture postcards you can send home. The town of Beer is in south east Devon, England, UK.

Here you can taste the wonderful crab being caught in the Bay or many other gastromic delights. On the slope leading down to the beach is a wonderful Wet Fish Shop where you can purchase the locally caught fish at very reasonable prices.

The Fishing vessels are on the beach and you can go out on the boats there.