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However, Venus, the planet of love, romance, and pleasure, plays a role as well.The Moon, representing our emotional nature, affects our sexuality.We explore the sign positions of Mars and Venus in relation to sexual styles here, and Eros below: The Asteroid Eros can shed some light on some of our erotic turn-ons. “In Greek art Eros was depicted as a winged youth, slight but beautiful, often with eyes covered to symbolize the blindness of love. ( in)These people instinctively and quickly become infatuated.

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Eros represents sexual objectification, passion and desire, and creativity. These lovers may seem a little erratic to others, simply because their passions rise and fall so quickly.

They are not as giving and emotional in their sexual expression, but they are passionate while it lasts.

Although instinct certainly plays a role, human sexuality is made complex by our intelligence and the role of society, as sexuality is primarily a social behavior.

Reproduction is certainly a function of our sexuality, but humans do not engage in sexual behavior to reproduce alone.

A major element of our sexuality comes under the domain of Mars.