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I'm including a few photographs from my personal collection in this post, and would invite the interested reader to explore elsewhere within the blog for additional pictures.

Please excuse the "miniaturized sands of time", i.e. Have had the good fortune to be able to collect militaria, including “toy soldiers”, for almost six decades commencing in the late 1940’s.

Highland Regimental Games including operable caber throwers, and the regimental band of the Royal Marine LIght Infantry in concert.

Lower shelf includes the Gurkha Rifles and the 92nd Gordon Highlanders at the Heights of Dragai; All produced by Wm. I then turned the review to again a representative sample of what have been defined by some as “new toy soldiers”, and their makers/manufacturers.

The vast majority of the collection being “nominally” Scale (~ 54mm) or “nominally” Scale (~60mm).


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