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In this article, I will examine the historical background of Estonian–Russian international legal relations in order to clarify the situation that had developed by 2007.

Observation of the Estonian and international mass media reveals that propaganda issues became especially sensitive in the relations between Estonia and Russia in the first months of 2007, and tempestuous in April and May of the same year, when a memorial dating back to the Soviet occupation, known as the Bronze Soldier, was removed from Tõnismägi, Tallinn.

The events came to be known as the Bronze Night after the ravages in Tallinn and East-Viru County over two nights, which occurred as a result of the (at that time still only planned) removal of the monument.

Instead, it is those moments when propaganda has not caught the attention of the public that should be considered exceptional.

It turns out that historically, propaganda has affected the legal relations between Estonia and Russia.