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They are a manufacturer of machinists' tools such as rules, squares, calipers, gauges and dividers. Starrett (April 25, 1836-1922) invented and produced the HASHER, a meat chopping machine patented May 23, 1865. Cook, Patrick Kennelly, and George Thompson (Nelson 1999).

Starrett Company was founded in 1880 in Athol, Massachusetts and is still in operation.

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His wild success allowed him to buy out his old employer and legal foil, Athol Machine Co., in 1905.

Starrett held over 100 patents, including a particularly significant micrometer patented July 29, 1890.

Now, yesterday I bought a No.13 6" square, the one with with rectangular handle and the sliding rule forming a 'T' with a bubble level (10$ :-).

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(Some people can read a scale marked off in 64ths of an inch even through rust and grime ;-)) "Cleaned up real nice," as they say, revealing a tiny logo in the middle of the non-grooved side of the rule. You can find "STARRETT" alone on many tools from the 50's to today. Studies are tough to complete without seeing a large number of the type of tools being studied.