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I'm not saying take what the guy says as gospel but rather, see if you can implement some of it to appear a bit more NT (which may actually get you the attention you're seeking from the women). (They seem to show up when you are not looking for them, in my experience) I don't recommend E-dating websites.

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Maybe you are coming off as needy or desperate and other people are rejecting you based on that?

I couldn't say whether that is what happening but I know I had the same frustrations for a long time.

Unfortunatly what the world calls normal people are actually a majority of humans imo with several socially trained neurosis.

So in order to first catch a fish you need the right bait and gear right?

I would go out and end up at home, alone, feeling bad that I didn't really meet any girls or anything.


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    It’s important to accept that this person will never be a social butterfly or a huge conversationalist, but to also accept that this person is probably extremely polite and a great listener.

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