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Sample excavations took place over the whole site, with larger excavations on the Arx, the Eastern Height and around the Forum.The Etruscan site (called Cusi or Cosia) may have been where modern Orbetello stands; a fortification wall in polygonal masonry at Orbetello's lagoon may be in phase with the walls of Cosa.

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This led to a re-foundation under Augustus and then life continued until the 3rd century.

One of the last textual references to Cosa comes from the work of Rutilius Claudius Namatianus in his De reditu suo.

The position of Cosa is distinct, rising some 113 metres above sea level and is sited 140 km northwest of Rome on the Tyrrhenian Sea coast, on a hill near the small town of Ansedonia.

The town experienced a hard life and was never truly a prosperous Roman city, although it has assumed a position of prominence in Roman archaeology owing to the circumstances of its excavation (cf.

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