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Simple presentation allows us to focus on coffee, simply. This process allows coffee’s characteristics (terroir) to develop and stand alone flavor-wise in the cup. Terroir is the fabric and spirit of whatever food is. Offhand I can think of ten or so we might see in a summer. Coffee is similar in that it has a family tree that spans 5-6 centuries and thrives in stabilized (tropical) climates.

We do not warehouse coffees which allows us to present more origins, more often. It’s chocolatey, berry-like and has a decent bit of acidity. Terroir is the construct of what something tastes like. Since coffee comes from all corners of the world, we, you and I, do not have a way to qualify in our minds what coffee is unless we’ve been to origin. Great coffees grow on small parcels of land and can differ flavor-wise within a few acres based on sun/fog/rain/altitude exposures.

This gives us opportunities so we can get more coffee varietals to our customers. There are people whose sole job is to quantify all of these factors. Our philosophies are driven by olfaction and sensory perception…


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