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have one thing in common: Coaching is incredibly important in order to guide clients well and to provide tips and recommendations during the process.If you are looking for a like-minded life partner, but you have little time, then Windsor International is your matchmaking agency.We ensure that you are put into contact with potential matches, after which you can go your own way. We will ensure the quality of your dates with professional coaching.

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Windsor International: an exclusive dating agency throughout Europe, your experience is our priority.

Are you successful in business, but you have little time to find that special match?

Our method is client-focused, personal and professional.

If you would like to get to know our clients, then we call you for an introductory conversation.

Following this conversation, an appointment will be scheduled, so that we can guide you personally.


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    If you want to find useful sites, consider looking for the following features: -seek on a single dating service that cares about its members.

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