Lair and dating

Beauty/youth as a divider: I’ve had some men try the “oh…is that your mom? This is supposed to imply that one of us is “older” and thereby “less attractive” (since women are supposed to be naturally competing for men on youth and beauty in a patriarchal society) than the other, and make us hostile towards each other so that in fact it shifts from him fighting for attention from one of us to us fighting for his attention.

Also, it is supposed to set the two women at odds, so again, they are enemies in that situation, not him as the intruding and manipulative party.

This one has never worked between any woman I was out with when it happened.

We actually discussed the tactic being used once we started to ignore or laugh the man out of there.

One of the more sinister, passive aggressive actions that some men engage in is their “divide and conquer” tactic whenever they’re trying to pursue one woman while she’s with another woman in public.

The complaint that women traveling in “packs” makes it harder for men to talk to one woman is fairly common amidst dating conversations. make the risk of rejection and/or being laughed at much higher for men, in some men’s minds.


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