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Colorism has its roots in slavery and colonization and as a result, is experienced by many people around the world, such as in the Caribbean, Africa, India and Asia.You’ve probably encountered colorism when you heard sayings like, “if you’re white, you’re right,” or “you’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl.” But did you know that research has shown that lighter skin can not only give individuals certain privileges in job opportunities, politics and the justice system, but that it also impacts one’s marriageability?In a recent study, economists explored how dark skin has been associated with being poor, evil, ratchet or ugly and how this consequently has impacted whether or not someone is seen as attractive and therefore, valuable as a life partner.

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” I tried to help this sister see that calling herself “regular” was a sign that she was comparing herself to other women.

Therefore, she was keeping herself from seeing the men who actually did want to date her.

To take this dysfunction even further, whenever there appears to be a shortage of marriage-minded black men, these men are then seen as highly valuable and can “leverage” the fact that they are in demand by choosing the more desirable women in the dating scene.

In other words, when the brothers know that women are competing for their attention, they feel that they can be more selective.

In my haste to deal with some of the self-esteem issues this sister had, I skipped over her real question.