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News Be Funny recently compiled an excellent reel of news bloopers from 2015.

We stutter in everyday conversations with friends, so we aren't really ones to judge the errors of TV journalists, reporters, and correspondents.

The live-ness offered a chance to punch up the show with some unusually broad sight gags, including a huge spit take from Mc Cormack, who was conveniently guzzling coffee when Grace let the cat out of the bag about Stan's reappearance.

But the real reason to watch last night's episode—perhaps the only reason to have watched for the past several seasons—were the screwups.

Later, during another one-on-one scene, Hayes and Messing got into it again: Staring each other down after a particularly absurd exchange, they both had to look off into space, lips twitching, as they tried not to laugh. You're right," until Hayes ad-libbed a prompt to get her back on script.