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Circling the airport, she thinks about how amazing her only daughter is.

"When the doctor said it was a girl," she says, "I immediately started praying for her mate. And I remember as she started to grow and started to date and everything, I just kept praying." Today, Sheila's home is full of invitations, goody bags and gifts. And their flight from Columbus, Ohio, just arrived.

More than 200 people are coming to the wedding, but Sheila can't stop thinking about the one person who won't be there.

Sheila Payton barrels down I-85 in her silver Chevrolet Sonic.

Her daughter Britney just texted four words that sent her scrambling: "On the Plane Train." Sheila is only days away from a moment she's dreamed of for decades. This weekend, Britney is marrying her fiancé, Philip.