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His game and ability has been vouched by several men. — You went to Southeast Asia recently and had sex with 96 girls. I spent 2 months in Thailand, the rest of the time I was in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Can you give more details about your success along with what you did to make it happen? In Thailand, the girls are very, very, intimidated.

It’s like when your computer freezes, there’s just nothing there.

THC (another member) and I just started carrying around scraps of paper with our numbers already written on them.

I was able to learn a bit of Thai and it really wasn’t until I returned there for a 2 week stopover after Indonesia that I felt dialed in and really started having more success. “Good” girls are not likely to be out in most of the clubs we came across (In Saigon anyway) and these girls that are hookers are too hardcore.