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On Sunday, three women linked to ISIS attacked police officers at the Central police station and stabbed one officer before they were shot dead.

One of the women had a suicide vest on her but it did not explode. They had written a letter to the terror group pledging their allegiance to them. Three other women who are refugees and believed to be accomplices have been charged with harboring the three slain women.

The family said they visited a number of stations but were told she was not there.

A Mombasa magistrate said, at the end of the inquest, that there was no evidence of culpability on the part of the national police service or any individual officer.

The family had been blaming authorities for the killing.

Rogo who was described by Kenyan and Western security agencies as an Al-Shabaab recruiter was killed on the Malindi-Mombasa road on August 27, 2012.

An inquest into his killing opened in 2013 and in October 2015, police were absolved from blame in the killing.


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