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Huggies can help you prepare and answer questions you have about labour. We can help you decide what to take in your “hospital birth bag”, tell you what to expect when your contractions start, and give you information on natural birth compared to a C-section.

Your due date is approaching; the hospital is on standby; the car has petrol in the tank. Many parents believe that after the birth the hard work is done. Let Huggies show you some ways to provide postnatal care for a newborn baby and how to care for yourself physically and emotionally.

Find information about postnatal depression and ways to seek support and treatment.

A baby is deemed premature if it is born before the 37th week of pregnancy.

Whatever your expectations or experiences, it definitely helps to be mentally and physically prepared for the miracle of birth, and also for a newborn baby.

Let Huggies share all the facts and information about having a baby.

Read these real life birth stories from other mums and find out just how different it can be for each woman, and for each birth.