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I wear black on the outside cuz that’s how I feel on the inside. I pray to Soul Jazz comps — and I am legit obsessed with the Weeknd, landing me right among the masses. A scene-addled high schooler, I was a Venn diagram.

My livingroom is a shrine to the collected volumes of . Subculture and mainstream pop culture met in my middle. What does it say about me if, as an artist myself, I slag off contemporary music? My earliest “crossover” obsession was Kylie Minogue. Although a bit Svengali’ed at first, by the early ‘90s Minogue was keen to helm her own career.

I reserved my Mariah Carey cassette for my Volvo and jammed Sonic Youth on my Walkman at lunch. So many current artists get me off and that makes me happy. As Simon Price prefaced in an interview with Kylie in the is, for many reasons, not Kylie Moment Number Four — that’s not due for another nine or ten years — but listening to it did prompt a roll call of the previous ones.

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