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I went through my own challenging separation before finding love again.

Born from that came my own television show, Untying the Knot, on Bravo TV.

In the show – second season coming this fall – I help divorcing couples civilly navigate what can sometimes be the toughest part of a break-up – the distribution of assets – with grace and dignity.

Walking in my clients’ shoes has given me a deeper understanding of what the divorce experience really feels like.

No doubt, divorce is a painful process, both emotionally and financially, but I firmly believe it’s also one of life’s biggest learning experiences.


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    Key Program Areas: By the time they reach 6th grade, middle class kids have likely spent 6,000 more hours learning than kids born into poverty.

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    Each site will include those who are serious about dating and finding a love for life and others who are simply interested in increasing the number of friendly contacts locally or worldwide.

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    The key success in this business I found in being able to provide your fans with the most exclusive experience and show them your true self.