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Rowes refinement of carbon dioxide extraction dovetails with an update to the radiocarbon calibration curve, which increases the accuracy of radiocarbon dating by accounting for past fluctuations in carbon 14.

Thus far, hes dated samples of wood, charcoal, animal skin, bone from a mummy, and ostrich eggshell. Taylor, a radiocarbon expert at the University of California, Riverside, says Rowes technique may have limitations, as items older than 10,000 years will have impurities that the technique may not be able to purge.

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The most common method, radiocarbon dating, requires that a piece of an organic object be destroyedwashed with a strong acid and base at high temperature to remove impurities, and then set aflame.

C ages of carbonaceous material trapped within siliceous sinter.

Five samples came from depths of 15–152 cm within the Y-1 well, and two samples were from well Y-7 (depths of 24 cm and 122 cm).

These two wells, at Black Sand and Biscuit Basins, respectively, were drilled in 1967 as part of a scientific drilling program by the U. Geological Survey (C years BP at the top of the cores to about 8000 years BP at the bottom.

The dates are consistent with variable rates of sinter formation at individual sites within the UGB over the Holocene.