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However, I have heard there are many errors, especially for those of us not in USA where placenames etc are changed to their equivalent in the States, so I shall keep a lookout particularly for those.I dealt with on 2nd Jan 2014, but didn't have a death record for him.

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They had one daughter Marie Alwine, but as Ancestry pointed out, she was 37 at the time, so it is not surprising this was an only child.

Maria was evidently not strong, as she died on aged 47 in Berlin., father of the one yesterday, my 3x great grandfather, as it is so early.

I have now found one dated in Schwerin, Brandenburg, although it does have the age wrong.

I have previously said that this is not completely trustworthy however, as sometimes an age at burial is a guess (unreliable for obvious reasons).

The only death record I can find for his wife Anna Regina Carolina is in the name Anna Maria, (although married to Johann Christian) died in 1964 The Ancestry site, which I use most of all, has changed the layout and functions of the website, so I shall have to study it in detail to get the hang of the new appearance and make sure I am using all the new information.