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Performance expectations of a sub in a two-channel system are generally exponentially higher than in a home theatre setting because in the former, your whole attention via your aural senses is on the sonic performance in contrast to the latter where your attention is divided between your visual and aural senses thus rendering the sonic performance less critical.

The bass content of music that is in many instances dominated by the kick drum, bass guitar, cello, timpani, double bass, bassoon, tuba and the lowest pipe organ and piano notes, serves to lay the foundation that underpins the music that you hear, in the same way that the foundation of a building anchors and provides stability to the building.

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Once liberated from this task, your amplifier and main speakers are free to focus on frequencies above 80 Hz, which they can then deliver with a lot more ease, accuracy and finesse.

Staying with the ‘foundation’ metaphor, it is vital for any reproduced music to have a strong bass foundation or else it will sound relatively thin and anaemic.

Subwoofers have been around for ages and have become a common fixture in most home theatre systems but many purist two-channel audiophiles have shunned them because they have a reputation for making the overall two-channel sound woolly, turgid and boomy while degrading the focus of the sonic image and soundstage.

Besides, they have hitherto been notoriously difficult to seamlessly integrate with the main speakers.

However, as in the case of a building, it is also important for any foundation to be not just strong but also firmly and seamlessly bonded to the main structure it supports.