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The authors say “there are at least 6 million men in America with psychopathic traits which means women are very likely to hook-up with psychopaths.” This book draws on the authors’ experiences of counseling women who were devastated by a love relationship with a psychopath, in addition to the results of a worldwide survey.

Readers can assess if they belong to the unique at-risk population and learn how to safeguard themselves from other predators.

After my husband tried to murder me, I found that these books, along with hard work, brought me clarity and recovery. Hare sprinkles his chilling encounters with psychopaths to illustrate his observations and theories and includes “A Survival Guide” chapter.

Protect yourself – learn about psychopaths – and if you have had the misfortune to become tangled in one’s web, understand why you allowed yourself to participate in a toxic relationship. This well-written book exposes the traits of psychopaths in layman’s terms and is based on Dr. Did you ever wonder about your workmate that drives you crazy? This easy-to-read book uses real cases to illustrate the manipulation and shows that psychopaths are parasites and predators who target not only individuals in the workplace but also the companies as they pass themselves off as ideal leaders.

Recent studies reveal that psychopaths (sociopaths) permeate our everyday lives as ordinary people who move through life wreaking havoc on unsuspecting victims, leaving them in financial and emotional ruin – or dead.