Speed dating helsinki Camroulette

Always a bonus if you're very busy or hate having to make small talk for hours, plus it means you only have to buy one date outfit.

The downsides however are usually related to nerves (and in my case a genuine sense of panic) at having to speak to so many strangers in a dating scenario.

At least with speed dating you can escape if you really have to.

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If you hit it off with someone then take their number and arrange a proper date, win win.

You also get to 'date' a lot of people in the amount of time it would take to go out for dinner with just one person.

All the details for the evenings can be found on the Kissakahvila website for the following evenings: 6pm - 8pm - Men and women Over 30's speed dating night (Maximum of 13 men and 13 women).

The Cat Cafe in Helsinki is now introducing a series of speed dating nights for men and women.

It's still the same basic concept on speed dating as before.