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This undated photo shows scientist takes measurements for the archaeo-magnetic survey in the Bruniquel Cave in southwestern France after the discovery there of mysterious ring-shaped structures fashioned about 176,500 years ago by Neanderthals.

(Etienne Fabre/SSAC) Two mysterious stone rings found deep inside a French cave were probably built by Neanderthals about 176,500 years ago, proving that the ancient cousins of humans were capable of more complex behavior than previously thought, scientists say.

The structures were made from hundreds of pillar-shaped mineral deposits, called stalagmites, which were chopped to a similar length and laid out in two oval patterns up to 16 inches high.

They were discovered by chance in 1990, after remaining untouched for tens of thousands of years because a rockslide had closed the mouth of the cave at Bruniquel in southwest France.

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