being too eager dating - Updating old kitchen appliances

Keep colour schemes neutral, be smart with lighting, and always keep clutter to a minimum.

Industry experts are agreed: when you're preparing to sell your home, if your budget will only stretch to renovating one room, that room should be the kitchen.

These days the kitchen is a multi-function room where, aside from cooking, uses can include a place for the children to do homework, an informal socialising room and even a venue for dinner parties - so a good kitchen is top of the list for many prospective buyers.

As much as you love the idea of lime green ceramic tiles combined with turquoise cabinets and magenta walls, chances are your potential buyers won't - so you could be waving goodbye to a sale, or at the very least not achieving the asking price - thereby losing the money you've invested in your new kitchen.

Instead, keep it simple and practical; if it's a small kitchen, be innovative with your use of space by installing clever storage solutions.

One very important factor to bear in mind is the asking price of your property once it's on the market.