When is facebook updating everyone to timeline Sex chat free no account needed

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And if you don't take this step, Facebook will automatically turn on your Timeline within the next few weeks. A: Status updates, photos, friendships made, as well as job history, marital status changes, and other information that you've recorded in your profile. Each entry has a drop-down menu next to it that lets you filter who can see the item. Just click that pen icon to edit, and you'll see "delete." Q: When will I be forced to have Timeline?

Basically, until recently, users were able to opt-in to Timeline; now they will be automatically switched over.

When you get Timeline, however, you'll have a seven-day preview period, during which you can delete the content that is on your profile and hide what you don't want displayed." From the time you receive notification that you'll be getting Timeline, whether you want it or not, you have seven days—or until you hit "publish," whichever comes first—to check it out privately, before anyone else can see it.

No specific date was given, and the language used ("roll out") suggests that the change won't occur on one single date for all users, but that batches of users will be transitioned on different dates.

Before Timeline strikes your Facebook account, there are a number of key things to know about the feature.