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O'Keefe and a friend had spent that afternoon and evening at the Shrine Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles, working as extras in a concert film shoot for musician Kid Rock.

"It's been nearly two years since Antelope Valley College student Michelle O'Keefe was found in a Palmdale ride-share parking lot, slumped in the front seat of her electric-blue Mustang, her body riddled with four bullets.

Since the filing, it has been amended to add Raymond Lee Jennings, a security guard at the parking lot on the night of the killing.

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"We know these things take some time, but my God, it's been two years."Using civil proceedings to bolster stalled criminal cases is unusual, according to legal experts. Rex Parris, known locally for his hardball tactics, has boasted in court that he will solve the killing during the civil trial."Yes, we do believe there's a substantial probability that Mr.

Jennings murdered Miss O'Keefe," Parris said during a May 30 hearing in Lancaster Superior Court.

For months, the billboards scattered around the Antelope Valley showed a high school cheerleader flashing a brilliant smile, the kind that could have sold commuters just about anything. But despite the billboards, reward offers and a segment on the TV show "America's Most Wanted," Los Angeles County sheriff's detectives say they are no closer to making an arrest in the Feb. Frustrated by the lack of progress, Michelle's parents, Patricia and Michael O'Keefe of Palmdale, have turned to civil court in an effort to bring their daughter's killer to justice.

But this was no sales pitch."I wasn't ready to die . Their lawsuit, filed last November, names the city of Palmdale and All Valley Security Inc.--the company hired to patrol the Park and Ride lot--as defendants.

"He sexually assaulted her and then he murdered her."No Physical Evidence Points to Jennings Jennings, a 29-year-old Lancaster resident, would not comment on the case.