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No matter how cheerful the install menus, an OS upgrade is a huge, huge thing to do to your PC, and Microsoft absolutely should not force that onto anyone.Before too long, though, the decision may be taken out of his and my hands – I may end up fielding the post-disaster support phone call regardless, as it seems Microsoft are stepping up their attempts to waft Windows 10 on as many PCs as possible.Even to the extent that the OS is seemingly now automatically installing itself.

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In some cases, people have reported that their hard drive RAID arrays are no longer recognised, or come back to a completely bricked machine.

I understand why Microsoft is doing it: their phone business is in disarray, Play Station 4 has put Xbox One in the doldrums and Apple increasingly controls the portable computing conversation, so MS really need a big win.

Said win being a Windows 10 install base in the high millions within less than a year.

I worry that effectively forcing it onto people is only going to drive them all the more to the competition.

There’s no doubt that Win 10’s install/upgrade process is smoother and safer than any prior Microsoft OS, but there are still huge risks, and people need to be able to choose and control what goes on.