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However, this is the second Xtreme title to appeared in Play Station platform since Dead or Alive Paradise.

It is also the third Dead or Alive game to be on PC version, as well as the first Xtreme title to be on the PC.

The Play Station versions of the game are currently only available in the Asian regions due to certain specific reasons, such as the involvement of the character, Marie Rose.

Nibori later explained that her reaction in the demo was because the demo was standalone, and that playing the game with the VR connected will have the girls being more willing to be touched depending on their bond level.

The free to play version will be released on October 13, where Kasumi is confirmed to be playable for free, although the other girls still require either payment or getting the full version.

The game will also include a VR mode on September, which had been hinted at in the 2016 Dead or Alive Festival.

When first unveiled to the public, it gained some controversy due to the demonstration of the gameplay having Kasumi giving lines and body language that indicated that she was unwilling to be touched, implying sexual harassment.

Reminiscing about the old days at New Zack Island, Zack has opened up the resort once again.


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