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They actually met at his store in Charlotte back in August.

"Cook" happens to still be legally married and we're told he didn't file for divorce until close to Mr.

He went with her to Atlanta for shows she was doing. chapter together that's why I won't go into specifics it's not my story to tell or anyone else that claims to be a friend. I hope everything works out for the best for him and his family. Come on now that's like believing everything in the National Inquirer. Second the "story" says “Cook” happens to still be legally married and we’re told he didn’t file for divorce until after he met Fanny. Also I see YBF "forgot" to mention Antwaun is a licensed Real Estate Broker because the story wouldn't be as juicy.

A photo posted by �� (@tasiasword) on So He said: I want to get you the Ring of Your Dreams..

@ the Thurgood Marshall event last week I see dating a "technically" married man is what's hot in the celeb streets these days.