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I still have my 30GB Zune, a brown one of course, in its dock on my main computer desk hooked up to a desktop speaker system for listening to music while I work.

zune collection not updating-11

While it is disappointing when a favorite service/device arrives at this point it can be a boon for those still holding onto their hardware.

When I use the desktop Zune Software, it finds all of this music. It was indeed fixed in the latest version, but the app does not recognize "Some Band" and "The Some Band" (i.e.

However, the Xbox Music metro app only seems to find music in the "mp3 (original)" folder. "American Analog Set" and "The American Analog Set") as the same artist.

This is a day many Zune enthusiasts have been dreading.

Yesterday Microsoft officially flipped the switch on their Zune services and ceased providing music streaming and download options for users of the Zune Music service.